Season 10 Extended
Mysterious Universe

Season 10 Extended
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This season includes the following highlights:

  • 2013 Live Show!
  • Jim Tucker, M.D., author of ‘Return to Life’
  • 23andMe adventures
  • Micah Hanks and his research into Ghost Rockets
  • Greg Taylor (Daily Grail), author of ‘Stop Worrying! There Probably Is an Afterlife’
  • Donnie Eichar, author of ‘Dead Mountain’
  • Nick Redfern, author of ‘Nobody’s Eye’s Only’
  • Mack Maloney, author of ‘Beyond Area 51’
  • Mike Clelland discusses his strange childhood experiences and a connection between alien abductees and owls
  • Steve Volk, author of e-single ‘OBSESSED: The Compulsions and Creations of Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz’
  • Graham Nicholls, author of ‘Navigating the Out-Of-Body Experience’
  • Dean Radin, author of ’SUPERNORMAL: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities’
  • Harry Hubbard joins us to discuss Burrows Cave in Illinois and the strange artefacts and tomb found within.

and much more!

2013 - 24 episodes - 46 hours running time  - 128kbps (VBR) Mp3 – 2.72 GB

Please note: Each episode has been edited for resale, the music has been carefully removed in editing for copyright purposes. To get the full unedited MU experience, sign up for Plus+ today!

File Format: The episodes are delivered as a .Zip file containing Mp3s which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.

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