Season 13 Extended
Mysterious Universe

Season 13 Extended
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This season includes the following highlights:

  • Filmmaker Chris Garetano on the ‘Montauk Chronicles’
  • Hunter Lee Soik and consciousness researcher Ryan Hurd on the ultimate dream database
  • Folklore researcher Michael Dylan Foster discusses 'The Book of Yokai'
  • Jason “Singer” Smith's incredible story of survival and escape from the hands of armed rebels in Kyrgyzstan
  • Thirty days of eating bugs with Camren Brantley-Rios
  • Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris on 'Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything'
  • Mark Adams' obsessive research from 'Meet Me in Atlantis'
  • Scott Carney on ‘A Death on Diamond Mountain‘ and mysterious buddhist sects
  • Itzhak Beery shares 'The Gift of Shamanism'
  • Gerard Aartsen presents his research on Contactees and their message of benevolent alien contact
  • Clark Strand on ‘Waking Up to the Dark‘ and our relationship with darkness
  • 2015 Bigfoot Compilation special episode

And much, much more!

2015 - 24 episodes - 52 hours running time  - 128kbps Mp3 – 2.84 GB

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