Season 13 Plus+
Mysterious Universe

Season 13 Plus+
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This season includes the following highlights:

  • Earth’s Secret Inhabitants
  • Joseph of Cupertino
  • The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection
  • The Holy Madmen of Tibet
  • Phone Calls From the Dead
  • UFO Crash in Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash with Surviving ETs
  • Japanese Ghost Stories: Spirits, Hauntings, and Paranormal Phenomena
  • Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Donald Trump
  • Contact in the Desert Wrap-up episodes
  • Paul Devereux – Sacred Sites and Dreams
  • The Ghosts of Flight 401
  • No Place For The Living: The Mad Story of Carl Von Cosel

And much, much more!

2016 - 25 episodes - 32 hours running time - 128kbps Mp3 – 1.78 GB

Please note: Each episode has been fully remastered for resale. Download is a single ZIP archive file which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.  

File Format: The episodes are delivered as a .Zip file containing Mp3s which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.

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