Season 15 Plus+
Mysterious Universe

Season 15 Plus+
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This season includes the following highlights:

  • Inside UFOs: True Accounts of Contact with Extraterrestrials
  • The Green Stone: A True Story of Paranormal Adventure
  • Through the Transdimensional Portal: A DMT Research Volunteer Tells Her Story
  • Ghost of the Alkimos
  • Dr. Kenneth Ring’s Near-Death Experience Research
  • Back Entrance to Telos, the Lemurian City in Mt. Shasta
  • Operators and Things
  • Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History
  • The Spectral WWII Bombers of the United Kingdom
  • Tantra of the Tachikawa Ryu: Secret Sex Teachings of the Buddha
  • Demon Haunted: True Stories from the John Zaffis Vault
  • Mind Over Matter: Case for Psychokinesis
  • Australian Underground Technology Bases
  • Contact in the Desert 2017 Wrap-Up
  • The Invisible Epidemic: ghosts that interact with and disrupt living human beings
  • Disappearance of Frederick Valentich
  • ARIGO: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife

And much, much more!

2017 - 24 episodes - 39 hours running time - 128kbps Mp3 – 1.97 GB

Please note: Each episode has been fully remastered for resale. Download is a single ZIP archive file which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.  

File Format: The episodes are delivered as a .Zip file containing Mp3s which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.

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