Season 6 Plus+
Mysterious Universe

Season 6 Plus+
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This season includes the following highlights:

  • Angles Appearing at Disasters
  • The Third Man Effect
  • Wild Cosmonaut Revelations
  • Alaskan Pyramids
  • NASA Whistleblowers
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion
  • China’s Yeren
  • Tibetan Walk-in Encounters
  • Time Travel
  • Phantom Armies
  • Alien Infections
  • DIY Cryonics
  • Paradigm Symposium ‘Ancient Aliens Panel’ Special
  • Past Life Memories
  • Body Integrity Disorder and Past Life Trauma

and much more!

2012 - 22 episodes - 23 hours running time -  128kbps (VBR) Mp3 - 1.23 GB

Also includes - Paradigm Symposium Pack - 128kpbs (VBR) Mp3 - 265.7 MB

Please note: Each episode has been edited for resale, the music has been carefully removed in editing for copyright purposes. To get the full unedited MU experience, sign up for Plus+ today!

File Format: The episodes are delivered as a .Zip file containing Mp3s which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.

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