Season 7 Plus+
Mysterious Universe

Season 7 Plus+
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This season includes the following highlights:

  • Seattle Woman Trying To Live On Sunlight Alone Is Probably Going to Die
  • NSA Spying
  • Soylent! Will it replace food?
  • Botswana’s Little Hairy Hominoid
  • Who Did Discover Australia?: The Chinese
  • Bigfoot Language Captured
  • Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: UFO Believers To Testify At Congressional-Style Hearing
  • The Evil Michelin Man
  • The “Sirius” Film World Premiere
  • DMT experiences
  • April Fools Day: 10 stories that look like pranks but aren’t
  • TEDxSummerisle Prank Coverage
  • CERN: We’ve found a Higgs boson
  • The Lazarus effect
  • Mind controlled “chimp armies”
  • Zambian school possessions
  • CIA Hollywood Psy Ops
  • Modafinil experiments

and much more!

2013 - 24 episodes - 24 hours running time  - 128kbps (VBR) Mp3 – 1.48 GB

Please note: Each episode has been edited for resale, the music has been carefully removed in editing for copyright purposes. To get the full unedited MU experience, sign up for Plus+ today!

File Format: The episodes are delivered as a .Zip file containing Mp3s which needs to be unarchived on a Mac or PC.

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